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The Pepperdine Mentor Center is a group construction project of students who have been through the Online Masters in Education Technology Program. During their program they take a class called Mentoring and Team Leadership and during the 14 weeks they are engaged in a mentoring experience. This site is a gift of knowledge from each cadre to the one that follows.

The site reflects the contribution of students from the cadres 2, 3, 4 and 7. The students from cohort 4 created a number of templates to give the Center a coherent look. While they reached consensus on a design very similar to this opening page, created a template and began the work of redesigning the whole stite, they have left their files and partial progress for Cadre 5.

Cadre 2 wrote a book to share with future classes on lateral or peer-mentoring.

Cadre 3 created the knowledge building as both a metaphor and locaion for a range of resources, tools and design elements for students creating mentoring portfolios.

Cadre 4 designed a template with instructions on how to use this template to reorganize the site and reviewed and revised many of the existing files. They also added content to a number of the pages designed by cadre 3.

Cadre 7 developed electronic portfolios with artifacts that document their mentoring experience for future OMET students. 7th Sense explores the virtues that make mentoring relationships work. Super 7 shares practical resources and lessons learned in their online Mentoring Guide.

All of the students have created inks to reviews of websites on mentoring creating a Database of mentoring resources. It is linked to the web so that others add new resources as well. This database is reviewed and updated by students each year.

There is also a webtour on telementoring and a Mentoring discussion forum in this Center.

Updated April 2005