Summer 2008

Masters Thesis Exhibitions

Right-click on the name and choose "Save Target As".

Note: There are some audio issues with a few of the videos (Veronica, Israel and Samiya, more?). For some reason the mic cut out and lost the audio.

Brandy Foster (mov, 74 meg)

Brent Hibbert (mov, 85 meg)

David Rose (mov, 69 meg)

Dervin Grady (mov, 90 meg)

Greg Nehen (mov, 101 meg)

Heather Schneider (mov, 88 meg)

Israel Valenzuela (mov, 74 meg)

Jackie Loehwing (mov, 68 meg)

Jessica Dabbbeekeh (mov, 76 meg)

Karen Simpson-Alisca (mov, 79 meg)

Marie Lindsey (mov, 63 meg)

Nancy Linden (mov, 71 meg)

Rita Schnepp (mov, 80 meg)

Salina Locke (mov, 73 meg)

Samiya Hai (mov, 80 meg)

Todd Coston (mov, 68 meg)

Tracey Johnson (mov, 64 meg)

Veronica Azizi (mov, 89 meg)