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Welcome... to our our busy, whacky, ed-tech world... We call ourselves 6 and The City..

We went through an incredible experience together in 2003/2004, and now we are connected for life.

Lessons From the Geese
cadre 6 In the City Photo

The Cadre...Front: sitting Paul  ( l-r) Kellie, T.J., Stacey, Jen, Christine, Melissa
2nd row
(l-r): Gloria, Dawn D, Meg, Anna-Marie, Patti, Jennifer, Garth, Don
3rd row
(l-r): Rudy, Cynthia, Ms.Vic, Dawn H, Ken, Derek, Sal, Ray


"Situated learning is an idea that all learning is embedded in context- Even school learning. The issue becomes, if that is true, then how is it that some contexts do a better job of supporting learning than others do?"

"Community of practice is an idea that intends to answer that question by proposing and offering evidence to support the proposition that there are particular features in a community context that are especially powerful at helping learning along."

-Linda Polin

You can check out our "cousins" from The 6th Wave and Deep Six as well.
Together, we hope to contribute to society in a positve way.



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